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Cheryl DePuy Murray

   Landscape Painter
   Big Timber, Montana

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Cheryl DePuy [DeePu] is a self-taught, full-time realist landscape painter, at-home and at-work in her native Montana. She is a third generation Montana rancher.

Oils are her medium, and subjects are the splendid mountain vistas of the Montana Rocky Mountains.

Cheryl in field w/ binnoculars

Studio & Home Gallery

Cheryl at easel
Cheryl DePuy Murray
at her easel

Cheryl's art studio and ranch-home gallery is located north of Big Timber, Montana. Here she completes her field block-ins and sketches.

Visiting with the artist is welcomed, and viewing her many original oils displayed at the residence is an honor.

All these commissioned paintings have gone to good homes
Request your own customized portrait or landscape.

[ Best viewed here in thousands or millions of colors (set gamma 1.8–2.2) ]

Sushi, horse
Sacajawea Ducks
"Sacajawea Ducks"
Maine Coon cat
"Main Coon Cat"
Little Bear cat
"Little Bear"
cat portrait
Bug Purr, mountain lion
"Big Purr"
Mountain Lion
Heather, young girl portrait
"Heather" portrait
Samantha & Mike, children portrait
"Samantha & Mike"
Fredrick's Felines
"Fredrick's Felines"
Kitty on Scratchboard
on scratchboard


FFF Art Show display
Federation of Flyfishing America Art Show

Cheryl DePuy Murray displays at art shows, banks, government offices, finer Inns and other public places.

Chico (Montana) Art Show, Sept. 2003

Governor’s Art Invitational

Montana Governor and Mrs. Marc Rasciot [pronounced "Ros-koe"] accept cookbook from Cheryl Murray at the governor's mansion, artists' reception in Helena, Montana.  Both are very gracious and personable "public servants."

Former Governor Rasicot later served as the Republican Party National Chairman.


The Brisbin Community Cookbook—cover art by Cheryl DePuy Murray—contains 371 zinger recipes from continuous generations of ranch families in Paradise Valley, Montana. The cookbook is sprinkled with the histories of these community ranches. It's a work of love by the Brisbin Womens Club.

Spiral ring bound. A useful and unusual gift for yourself and a friend. Send for your copy.

Cookbook cover

$24 + S&H
Sunset in the East
The original oil painting has
GONE to a Good Home

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Cheryl DePuy Murray
5 N. Orchard Ln.
Big Timber, Montana  59011

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