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Riffles of Paradise art print

Riffles of Paradise—DePuy Spring Creek

22x14" limited edition of 250
$85.00 unframed
$185.00 & remarqued
$195.00 framed
$295.00 & remarqued

“This riffle of DePuy Spring Creek (Montana) has always existed, but an old turbine shed was the added element in my youth.  It was damaged years before when the dam above it washed out.  The waters' force and volume dug a deep hole beside and under the structure.

“My brother and I would sit atop a tilted slab of cement, under a shaky tin roof, contemplating a deep blue-green watery hole.  He would speculate about the trout size; I pondered painting that wondrous color so it would look and feel real.  Thus started my life-long fascination with portraying the three-dimensional world on a two dimensional surface.

“The hole is gone now; the turbine is only a memory; and the pond is restored. Incidentally, my brother never caught a trout from that hole but was always successful in the riffle.  Today the warm afternoon light dances over the pregnant weed beds.  The trout still flash, prompting us to imagine their size, and the water harmonizes its song.”

—Cheryl DePuy Murray

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