This is an example remarque, an optional pen'n'ink drawing created upon the lower edge of an art print.
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Cheryl DePuy Murray

Landscape Painter
Big Timber, Montana

“Gone to Good Homes”
Art Gallery

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Ancient Willows
"Ancient Willows"
April Trees
"April Trees"
Armstrong Spring Creek Historical
"Armstrong Spring Creek Historical"
Autumn Along the Yellowstone
"Autumn Along Yellowstone"
Backwater Cathedrals
"Backwater Cathedrals"
Bearly There
"Bearly There"
Betty and Her Sheep
"Betty and Her Sheep"
Blue Gate Quest
"Blue Gate Quest"
Bob & Tazy
"Bob & Tazy"
Buffalo Along the Yellowstone
"Buffalo Along
the Yellowstone"
Catching Winter's Rays
"Catching Winter's Rays"
Cold Fingers
"Cold Fingers"
DePuy Spring Creek Pond Fishing
"DePuy Spring Creek Pond Fishing"
Emigrant Peak
"Emigrant Peak"
Evening Glow
"Evening Glow"
Evening Moon
"Evening Moon"
Fall Along the Yellowstone
"Fall Along Yellowstone"
Fire Within
"Fire Within"
Fisherman at DePuy Spring Creek
"Fisherman at DePuy Spring Creek"
Fitch Channel
"Fitch Channel"
Fleeting Sunshine
"Fleeting Sunshine"
Forever 'Til Spring
"Forever 'Til Spring"
Knox Lake
"Knox Lake"
Last Gate Home
"Last Gate Home"
Late Hatch
"Late Hatch"
Middle Section DePuy Spring Creek
"Middle Section--DePuy Spring Creek"
Mirage Lake
"Mirage Lake"
Misty Moon
"Misty Moon"
Montana Air
"Montana Air"
Montana Monet
"Montana Monet"
O'Rea Creek
"O'Rea Creek"
Old Tree
"Old Tree"
Paradise of the Yellowstone
"Paradise of the Yellowstone"
Ph.D. Pool Prize
"Ph.D. Pool Prize"
Plaggemeyer Meadows
"Plaggemeyer Meadows"
Coming Soon
"Promise of Spring"
Remember When
"Remember When"
Road Home 1
"Road Home 1"
Same But Different River
"Same But Different River"
Sheep Along DePuy Spring Creek
"Sheep Along
DePuy Spring Creek"
Squire Fishing Moment
"Squire Fishing Moment"
Sunset in Paradise, DSC Highway Pond Historical
"Sunset in Paradise,
Highway Pond Historical"
Sunset in the East
"Sunset in the East"
The Crazies
"The Crazies"
The Road Home 2
"The Road Home 2"
Trail Creek Lake
"Trail Creek Lake"
Treasured Spaces #1
"Treasured Spaces #1"
Treasured Spaces #2
"Treasured Spaces #2"
Wild Fishery
"Wild Fishery"
Wink Light
"Wink Light"
Winter Willow
"Winter Willow"
Winter Wonder
"Winter Wonder"
(Greeting Card available)
Not There Yet
"Montana Land & Cattle Headquarters"
 Not There Yet
"Not There Yet"
 Coming Soon
"Restless Clouds"
  Silent Rise
"Silent Rise"

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Cheryl DePuy Murray
5 N. Orchard Ln.
Big Timber, Montana  59011


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