Victorian Puzzle Box carved by Lee Grindinger

Hand carved from solid black cherry, this exquisite Victorian Puzzle Box is the design creation of master woodworker, furniture builder and carver, Lee Grindinger. Please visit You will be assuredly and wondrously impressed!

By Lee Grindinger &
Cheryl DePuy Murray

The Victorian Puzzle Art Project was a collaboration of master carver and furniture-maker Lee Grindinger with landscape painter Cheryl DePuy Murray. Both artisans live and work in Montana.

This uniquely exquisite custom box is hand-carved from solid cherry wood. The design of the box and puzzle contained within is a modern creation of the Victorian era.

The Puzzle Box


Beneath the integral lid, Lee Grindinger's beautiful hand carved box snugly contains the 16 wooden puzzle blocks. Upon each of the six sides are painted an original custom art, chosen by the client, in oils by Cheryl DePuy Murray.

The concept for this unique creation was suggested by historian Tom Sergeant of Virginia City, Montana. The client enthusiastically commissioned, with Lee and Cheryl, this tactile, touchable art and magnificent box. The box and puzzle are, we are told, an endless source of entertainment and conversation at the client's parties and private gatherings.

Like to display your own Victorian Puzzle?

Puzzle Box & Blocks

Snow Leopard Butterflies Aspen Ride

Adults playing with this old-world adult-game are quickly challenged to assemble this seemingly simple but utterly charming puzzle.

Pozzle Box Blocks Assembly Above and below are the painting images on the six faces of these square hardwood blocks. Each is an original custom oil painting enhanced from the photographs significant to the client.
Lighthouse Puffin Mother Overlaod
Victorian Puzzle cover open A similar Victorian Puzzle Box can be made especially for you. Choose the number of blocks and the six painting images for the blocks. Lee will work with us to create a uniquely carved box for your treasured tactile-art puzzle.

The painted sides can be of landscapes, meaningful faces or beautiful scenery. A Victorian Puzzle and Box, similar to this, are an extraordinary one-of-a-kind creation!

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